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gcampbellGordon Campbell
Since his resignation as British Columbia's Premier, Gordon Campbell has been the #1 search on BC Politics at

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Anytime the faintest hint of a provincial or federal election draws near, the search for quotes and history on elections starts to climb.

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forestryForestry in BC
With the forestry industry supporting a large segment of employment and opprtunity in British Columbia, it's no surprise that it's a top search.

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banksBanking Industry
Always a hot topic and usually involving emotion. From Bank Bashing to industry research, there's no shortage of quotes and names to go with the ...

Following in Footsteps

jcSomething to say
Beyer's Daughter P.a.t.r.i.c.i.a L.e.e. has taken to the pen, her popular online blog follows Media Trends as they relate to social demands ..